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Sunrise and Sunset in Nepal

June 11, 2011

Our first night in the small town of Pokhara, Nepal Jen and I had a nice little dinner by the lake with a lemon meringue pie to top it off.  We wanted to see a little more of the new town, so we started exploring and quickly noticed the gorgeous sunset that was beginning to take place.  So, we quickly hurried off the main drag and towards the lake where we figured we could get the best view.  We certainly were not disappointed by the sight of the sun dipping below the horizon beyond Nepal’s second largest lake and amongst the foothills of the Himalayan mountain range.  It was one of the best sunsets we have seen during our travels.  As usual, the pictures just do not do it justice.

The next day we were up early, excruciatingly early in fact, 4:00 AM.  We were picked up by a driver that we had arranged the previous day and taken to the bottom of Sarangkot, a local 1,600m foothill known for its’ amazing views.  We slowly began our trek up to the top, our bodies waking up more and more with each step that were illuminated by our head lamps.  After a good while of climbing, we finally reached the summit where an Army base had been built.  The door to the lookout tower was locked but a Chinese man came up ten minutes after us and began banging on it.  Eventually a soldier came to the door and let us early morning trekkers inside.  Upon entering the fort, we climbed to the top of a tower and were able to witness the sun rise over the Himalayan mountain range.

It was a cloudy morning, so it didn’t provide the best views and most importantly the tall peaks were hidden a lot of the time.  However, it was still a great experience to watch the new day begin (and already have done soo much exercise).  Plus, once we hiked all the way down and got back to our hotel, I just happened to turn on the TV to the Mavericks game.  We then spent the next couple of hours watching the Mavs beat the crap out of the Heat!  It was a great day so far and only 9:00 in the morning, so of course we proceeded to take a long nap.

Hope you enjoy the photos,

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  1. Jim permalink
    June 24, 2011 08:20

    As I recall, there are many mornings the conditions are not just right to see the Annapurna Mountains. And many a person has gotten up very early to see it only to be disappointed with heavy cloud cover.

    at the Fishtail Lodge, they would wake you up early if it looked like it would be a good morning. Otherwise, they let you sleep.

    However, it looks like you captured some great shots.

  2. June 24, 2011 14:24

    those pictures look either photo shopped or like a Windows background image 😉 so beautiful!!!

  3. June 28, 2011 14:03

    I used your opening pic from this post as my Windows background! Beautiful! I am not sure I have fully expressed my jealousy for your experience! Have so much fun!!

  4. June 14, 2013 03:55

    Hello, I’d like to use one of these pictures as a background for a website, can I? I’ll give you the url as soon I we finish to work on the design.

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