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Kiwis and Bike Tours

May 5, 2011

In my opinion, the best way to see a city is on bike.  Unfortunately most cities are not that bike friendly (DFW) but luckily a lot in Europe are trending in the more friendly direction.  Also, if you venture out to see a city late at night, which I love, you can rule the streets – until they turn the lights off at the Eiffel Tower, which was upsetting.  It is quick, it is clean, and it is a fun way to get around.  How could anyone not love riding a bike?

Well anyway, Fat Tire Bike Tours makes it quite easy to check out the city of Paris.  If you have read previous posts, you know that Jen and I are staying with our good friend Jack, who manages the Paris operations for Fat Tire.  He was nice enough to hook us up with a tour our first full day in the city and then loaned us some bikes for the rest of our visit.  This was huge.  Not only did we get a good overview and history of Paris from the tour, but then we could easily and quickly get around for the rest of our visit.

Karl the Kiwi and our guide

The tour was guided by our fearless New Zealander leader, Karl.  Most people simply refer to him as “Kiwi” and I even heard he makes a special noise of the kiwi.  Anyway, Karl was great and his accent was overly entertaining.  He was immensely knowledgeable of the city and took us to many of the big sights.  From the military academy, to the Eiffel Tower, to Napoleon’s Tomb, he gave us great insight into the history and feel of Paris.  The tour also included a nice stop for lunch and wine at a small café in Jardin des Tuileries just across from the Louvre.  Besides some members of the tour that struggled to ride their bikes (either into traffic or each other) the circuit was great.  We fully plan to do the one in London when we are there (they are all over, Washington DC, Barcelona, etc).

Other than that, we have been sporting the Fat Tire bikes all over the city.  Going to dinner, to get macaroons, to a museum, to Angelina’s, and more, plus midnight rides that produced some decent pictures.  All the while we have been getting some great (and much needed) exercise.

Live Healthy,

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