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The Times Missed

May 4, 2011

There are a few drawbacks to traveling and being gone as much as we are this year.  One of the primary things is missing huge events in our families and friends’ lives.  This includes a big scare that we had with Jen’s cousin Kevin who is now doing alright and her grandmother passing away.

Notably we have also had to miss, and will miss, several weddings of very close friends.  So, we figured the least we could do is says congrats via blog.  So, to those already hitched, Jason and Andrea, Amir and Anna, Ross and Carrie, we wish you all the best and many years filled with love, joy, and happiness.  We are so sorry we could not have been there to share in the big day but have heard your weddings were great (seriously, we heard it).  Look forward to seeing you all soon!

Much Love,
Jen & Steven

Andrea and Recher

Anna and Amir

Carrie and Ross

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