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May 2, 2011

In front of Hofbräuhaus

This was a city that truly lived up to all that I expected from it.  I was able to not only learn a lot of World War II history but we were then able to see the sights where history took place.  Also, the city was one that very much felt alive for the duration of our visit, and the beautiful weather allowed us to stay outside the entire time taking it in.  It stinks that we were not there for Oktoberfest but regardless, we certainly made the most of our time in Munich.

Almost as soon as we arrived to the city and put our bags down in the hotel, we were out the door and headed to the famed Hofbräuhaus.  What I did not know until only shortly before we arrived is that this beer hall is the spot that Hitler proclaimed twenty-five theses of the National Socialist program, effectively transforming into the Nazi Party.  It is also a place that Mozart frequented since he lived just around the block, as well as Lenin who was a regular before WWI.  So, there was a ton of history surrounding us as we sat and drank our liters of beer.  To make things even better, there was some entertainment provided both upstairs and downstairs and the video below gives you a little glimpse of it.  Naturally, we proceeded to have a great time and had plenty of wiener schnitzel and made new friends with all the people around us.  Brian even got me a huge mug to commemorate the occasion.

Inside Globetrotter

Now, the place I am about to tell you about may not seem like that great of a spot to visit but I absolutely loved it.  As we were starting out on Saturday we walked passed an outdoors store.  Jen and I needed a book about Tanzania, so we all decided to stop in.  I have never been in as cool of an outdoor store as I did that day – and I have been in tons of outdoors stores.  The place was called Globetrotter and I absolutely loved all four floors of pure outdoorsmen shopping paradise.  Their selection of gear was amazing, their prices extremely reasonable, and store layout very inviting.  I could have spent hours in there hanging out, trying different equipment, and making tons of unnecessary purchases, but alas we had the city of Munich to see.

We spent the day walking around seeing all of the landmark sights in the city, particularly the Glockenspiel in the center of the main square.  As well, we went to a beer garden and ate copious amounts of German food, of which I am sure my brother is very jealous.  A lot of people were in town that day because there was a big football match being played at Munich’s stadium.  This tended to make the city even a little more rowdy than normal.  So, we eventually decided to go to the part of town with a major university and find a good table to watch the match, eat dinner, and be with crazy fans.  In the end, they turned out to not be that crazy, probably because the home team blew the visitors out of the water, but it was still good to watch a match and enjoy more German food and beer.

Later that night we headed to the spring fair that was taking place on the grounds where they normally hold Oktoberfest.  It was not anything that special so we left pretty soon after we arrived.  And what did we do when we left?  Went and ate more German food and had more pilsners.  We then called it a bit of an earlier night so we could get up the next day and head to Dachau but I will save that for another post.


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  1. Kim permalink
    May 7, 2011 05:09

    I think Jenny would make a great HB waitress 🙂 Five 1-liter mugs at once is impressive!

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