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Ode to the Beard

April 27, 2011

OK, so I’m not really going to write a song about the beard that I have been sporting for the last three months – well actually more like a month and a half since it took so long to grow out.  However, Jen and I have departed the Middle East and it is time for the facial hair to come off.

Those of you that know me, know that I have never had a beard in my life.  I can go a while without shaving due to the blondeness but never has it been more than a week.  So, at the beginning of the trip I figured it would be the best time ever to grow some facial hair and really become a man.  Now, the beard has been played out, and I will also be heading to Africa soon and don’t want to deal with the extra heat.

Of course, like any good man who is removing hair from his face, I need to shave various shapes into it.  Some people might recommend mutton chops or even a zebra pattern.  Ahhh yes, good suggestions, but problems exist – it is thin, patchy, and blonde and therefor will not work well.  The neard is a good option but I will resist this time.  There is no way I will ever do a “flavor savor” because I think it is just about the worst thing anybody could ever have on their body.  And no, I am not sorry to those I just offended.  Shave that thing off, it looks terrible (Darnell, you are the only one this doesn’t apply to).  Regardless of these options, I have decided to show off a couple of different variations for several days during our time in Prague – Jen is not the biggest fan of my appearance for Easter Weekend.  For your viewing pleasure here are some pics:

Quick beard pros: I don’t have to shave and it makes me look Middle Eastern (right??)

Quick beard cons: The upper half of my face is tanner than the lower half.  My mom hates it and would pull on it in Spain.  The hairs separate on my top lip leaving a huge gap, especially when I smile.  Did I mention the patchiness?

In the end, I actually think the awkwardly shaved facial hair helped me to fit in even better while in the Czech Republic.  We certainly saw people that were much more “interesting” during our visit to Eastern Europe.


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  1. Morgan permalink
    April 29, 2011 10:04

    steveo. i’ll miss the beard in pictures. i really like your stache though. give your wifey a big hug from me.

  2. Jim Traner permalink
    April 29, 2011 12:55

    the full, bushy beard looks good, as do the fu man chu and just the mustache. But the partial cut with what looks like the huge sideburns just doesn’t make it.
    Enjoy a clean shaved face again.

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