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Country #11: Czech Republic

April 26, 2011

Prague Castle from Charles Bridge

Everyone in Europe gets a four day weekend over Easter holiday, so we were lucky enough to spend a few days in the Czech Republic with Kim and Brian.  We left for Prague early Friday morning hoping to beat the traffic and got really lucky that we never hit any!  We got into town early that afternoon and after checking into our hotels, headed straight to the Old Town Square for some food and fun.

The Old Town Square is the historic center of Prague surrounded by churches and restaurants and it also contains the famous Astronomical Clock.  It also happens to be where a large part of the Easter Markets take place.  Prague is known for their Easter and Christmas markets, so it was great to be there and enjoy one of them!  Also in the square there was a huge stage set up for bands and dancers to perform and a ton of stalls selling everything from sausage, ham (my favorite), potatoes and beer, to painted eggs, wooden toys and swords.  Trees were decorated with colorful steamers and small eggs and then there was a huge Easter egg (bigger than me) in a small field that was a gift from Croatia.  It was very festive and typically always crowded.  We spent time here almost every day…especially after I realized how much I loved the ham.

Astronomical Clock

Our first afternoon we headed over to U Fleku brewery which has been brewing beer since 1499.  We sat down inside and it was a quite lively atmosphere with a band and the table next to us singing along.  We were brought beers before we even ordered anything and they were dark beer.  I typically do not like dark beer but this one was surprisingly good.  They also gave us small glasses of traditional liquor that tasted like Christmas.  After staying there for a while and debating how the accordion works, we decided we were ready to be back outside in the pretty weather.  We found a great little outdoor bar on the river with a man from the US playing guitar and singing songs that we all knew.  We sat and enjoyed the tunes and the beautiful views for the rest of the afternoon. 

After a nice breakfast the next morning, we headed out for a long day of walking.  We walked to the Charles Bridge and crossed from the Old Town to the Lesser Town.  It was lined with numerous statues as well as artists and performers all trying to make a buck off the gawking tourists.  Eventually we headed over to the Prague Castle which we had been seeing up on a hill ever since we arrived.

Tyn off the Old Square

The Prague Castle is apparently the biggest ancient castle in the world.  When we went inside the Cathedral at the Castle, it was beautiful!  After spending most of the day walking around, we decided it was time to relax by the river with some wine.  Unfortunately, both bottles we bought were terrible!  Moving on from that experience, what would a day be without some food in the middle of the Easter Markets?  So it was back to the Old Town Square for dinner and people watching.

Steven already filled you in on our Easter Sunday here and it really was a great day.  It was nice to be with friends since we were away from family. 

Monday morning Steven and I got up early and did another walk across the Charles Bridge for more pictures, took one last jaunt through the Old Square, and headed past the Easter Market where we got a wooden Santa Claus for Sue.  Then we met up with Kim and Brian and headed back to Frankfurt.  It was another beautiful drive and was fun to have time in the car both ways to talk and catch up.  Once arriving back at their place, Kim and Brian cooked us an awesome dinner of fajitas which topped off a great weekend and almost made us feel like we were back in Texas! 


PS – Here are a bunch of pictures that you can enlarge by clicking or scroll over for a description:

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  1. Morgan permalink
    April 29, 2011 09:59

    you used the word “jaunt” in your blog post. i think you’ve been overseas too long! ha.

  2. Kim permalink
    May 7, 2011 05:05

    It was so fun to experience a new city with y’all!

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