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The Dead Sea

April 12, 2011

I wanted to do a quick post about the Dead Sea because it was absolutely amazing!

A few facts about the Dead Sea that you may not know: It is the lowest point on Earth at 1,388 feet below sea level and located on the Israel-Jordan border (we got in on the Jordan side).  The water is 7 times saltier than the ocean, making it tough to swim but very easy to float. The sea mud is extremely rich in minerals and you might have seen cosmetic products around the world that boast Dead Sea properties.

It was a very strange experience to just float on top of the water.  Then we would get out, cover ourselves in mud, and get right back in to wash it off.

The climate is very dry and rains only 2 inches a year.  Go figure, it rained the night and morning we were there!  It delayed our experience a bit and made the water really cold.  Still, it was definitely worth getting in despite the wait and temperature. 


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  1. taylor engel permalink
    April 27, 2011 08:13

    i floated in the dead sea! and it burned where i had shaved! but very cool. 🙂

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