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Remember ck one?

April 9, 2011

Do you remember the cologne/perfume made by Calvin Klein?  I have to think back to when I was in 7th grade and would douse myself with the fragrance before the school dance (turns out Jen did the same too). 

Well, the Spanish not only remember the smell, they live it daily.  It is good to know that the CK1 market in Spain and Latin American countries is still going strong.  We have now seen it being sold all over and actively promoted – not to mention getting whiffs of it on the street.  The United States might have shrugged it off well over a decade ago but I guess it was our loss?

In fact, they are so passionate about the perfume over here that they have spontaneous dance parties to express their exuberance.  Jen thought (and hoped) it was a flash mob but alas it was a ck one mob:

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  1. Melissa Calhoun permalink
    April 19, 2011 13:23

    I do very much remember the scent of CK1! I was more than sad the day I dropped a bottle in the SHACK locker room after a 7th grade volleyball practice…Oh CK1!

    Have a great and good smelling time!

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