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Jen’s New Profession

March 27, 2011

It is so nice to be relaxing in Spain right now.  My parents are here visiting for about a week and brought several great things along with them.  These include cadbury eggs, new underwear, replacement credit cards (lost one, one expired, and one new one), a backpack, scissors, and a lot more.

Well I quickly started eating the candy and Jen quickly put those scissors to good use and gave me a much needed haircut!  Only once before when we were living in DC have I convinced her to cut my hair.  Since that time she has refused to do it again, but I am glad she agreed to chop it off yesterday.  In my humble opinion, she did a great job, and we now know that when I start school this fall she can get a job at a barber shop! 

My mom was also fairly grossed out by my beard, so I agreed to trim it up and shave off the neck hair portion.  So, in all, I got a haircut, trimmed the facial hair, ate candy, and am wearing clean underwear – great day!

Hope yours is going just as well,

PS – We actually have internet again along with quite a bit of posts queued to wrap up Argentina/South America and also talk about the great time we had in Morocco!  So stay tuned…

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