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Coke & Pringles

March 20, 2011

There have been two fairly consistent items that Jen and I have enjoyed on our trip.  These particularly show up on bus/train rides but ultimately do not discriminate as to where they are consumed.  It’s things like these that we never foresaw while planning but have fit in nicely with our travels.

The first is Pringles, and not just any Pringles, but Sour Cream and Onion Pringles.  We made the mistake once of branching out to bbq in Argentina and it did not go over so well.  The can is a little awkward to carry and not easy to shove into a bag, however it makes for a great snack at any time of the day.  Every now and then it can make almost for a full meal.  Plus Pringles fill their cans all the way to the top, so you never feel like you are getting ripped off with a half a bag of chips.

A common sight on The Smith Trip

The other common travel delight is Coke.  Now, this is pretty weird for both of us.  We never really drink soft drinks at all when at home, and if we do it is always Dr. Pepper.  Now, for one reason or another, travelling makes us crave Coca-Cola.  Especially if we have not eaten in a while, a cold Coke is a great way for us to satisfy thirst and calm cravings until we can find the next meal.  We usually buy it on the go and it is gone a few minutes later.  What I have come to not care for at all is the last little bit in the bottle which is always warm and flat – nasty.

Random blog post I know, but figured we should give a shout out to two items that we have a lot.


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  1. Jim Traner permalink
    March 20, 2011 21:18

    Yes, the sour cream are our favorite as well.
    The Coke likely has a heavier sugar content than in the U.S. and this is partially fulfilling your cravings to a certain extent.

    Can’t wait to hear about Morocco.

    BTW, we just got of the phone with Donna’s sister Dianna, who said she is going to the airport right now to pick up her daughter, Allison, who was in Madrid. You guys must have all been there at the same time.


  2. Jessica Heer permalink
    March 28, 2011 19:32

    You get 100 pringles in the can back in the states. Something to look forward to when you return home–although you’ll probably never eat them again after your trip. Love the blog!

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