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T Swift Rocks Madrid

March 19, 2011

Jen and I just got back from the Taylor Swift concert in Madrid, Spain and it certainly did not dissapoint.  For those of you that don’t know, “Love Story” was our first dance as husband and wife over a year and a half ago.  So, when we heard she was playing in Spain when we would be in town, we made it a point to get to the concert.  Actually, we even changed our flight to get in a day earlier so we could make it.

After a long flight from Buenos Aires across the Atlantic, we got into Spain this afternoon with just enough time to pick up the concert tickets, shower, and get in line.

Waiting in line for the Taylor Swift Concert

We had general admission tickets which turned out to be the best option and we were even able to shake her hand.  The tickets allowed us to move around as we pleased and got pretty close to the stage for the entire performance.  For a while we chatted it up with a security guy and merchandise guy both traveling with her.  They were quite nice and it was interesting to hear a lot of first hand stories from the road.

Taylor Swift performing on a satellite stage in Madrid

The crowd was pretty crazy to say the least but much smaller than we expected.  If it were in the States it would have been sold out within minutes of the box office opening.  Here in Europe it is a different story but she is building a following – a very devoted following.  We met one German kid who saw the show in Munich a week ago and loved her so much he bought a ticket for Madrid and flew in today.  Another couple we stood next to sang all the lyrics with a thick accent, cried, cheered, and the guy (probably 35 or so) constantly called out to Taylor.  Additionaly there were tons of American students studying abroad that capitalized on the chance to see her live in another country.

T Swift on stage with fans all around

Great night overall, just too bad we didn’t get to meet her.  Still really random that we got to see a Taylor Swift concert in another country but heck, we almost saw Backstreet Boys in Peru too.  Will maybe take in a sight or two tomorrow but will be headed to Morocco on an afternoon flight.

Here are a few pics from the show.  Wish we would have taken the better camera with us instead of the point and shoot… click to enlarge


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  1. Gena Eubanks permalink
    March 20, 2011 07:07

    How precious! I love that you got to experience that in another country and gosh- your love story everyday as you explore the world together! What a sweet time in your marriage!
    P.S. The heart pic is sooo cool!
    Every post warms my heart for you two. Loving reading your posts and stories and praying safety, FUN, joy, and peace each day!

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