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Iguazu Falls up close

March 13, 2011

After a night of traveling and then another night staying in a hostel with an awesome pool, we finally made our way to Iguazu Falls.  If you don’t know, these falls are situated on the Brazil-Argentina border and are almost 2 miles long with a total of 275 falls. 

The largest and most impressive of the chain of falls is a section called El Diablo.  It is a u-shaped cataract that is almost 300 feet tall and pours over massive amounts of water every second.  This is where we started our tour of Iguazu, at the very top.

The top of El Diablo, serene blue sky gives way into pure white mist

We then proceeded to take the train (small touristy one used to get from one spot to the next) and explore the smaller falls, which are everywhere.  It really was a beautiful sight and reminiscent of Hawaii but on a much larger scale.  What wasn’t very pretty were the other people, many of whom decided to go shirtless, and sometimes pant-less (no lie), due to the combination of sun and spray.  I will spare you from posting those pictures though… except for this one:

One of the pants-less patrons of Iguazu

At one point we came to the exact spot where my brother-in-law proposed to my sister.  It was pretty fun to see the location since no one from the family was there and it happened almost 5 years ago now.  They were also doing an around the world trip that you can read about here.  Needless to say we are very happy it happened and to have Mike (aka: Staunch) join the family (and be a conservative).

The last part of our visit to Iguazu was by far the best part.  In fact, it was probably the last thing we did because we decided it couldn’t get any better from that point on and so we left.

As we were exploring the various trails we noticed a boat speeding down the waterway headed directly for the falls.  Next thing we know, the boat is gone.  It has been wiped out of sight by the spray of a huge waterfall that it just drove under.  Naturally at this point I am thinking that this is something we HAVE to do.  So, sure enough, we start our search to find out how and the next thing you know, we are in life jackets getting on the boat.

On the boat headed towards the falls

Looking at some of the falls from the boat

It did not disappoint.  Speeding up and down next to these expansive waterfalls was an experience in and of itself but then we would drive straight into them.  You could barely see anything because the spray was hitting you so hard and forcing your eyes shuts.  The water was pretty cold too, yet was still considered a welcomed shower after a day of hiking and sweating.  Really just a cool thing to get to do and allowed us to feel like we truly experience Iguazu Falls to the fullest.  To give you somewhat have an idea of what happened, watch this video (sorry it is on its’ side).

Who doesn’t love waterfalls?  I mean, how can you not?

Anyway, that capped off a great visit to another iconic site in South America, and we are now on the bus headed back to Buenos Aires.  Our clothes are definitely still wet from our excursion under the falls and we are in bad need of getting some laundry done (like really bad need).

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