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March 12, 2011

If you haven’t realized it yet, everything about our trip is somewhat last minute.  All we know for sure are when we have flights into different countries (which can always be changed).  As far as where we are eating, sleeping, visiting, hiking, watching, etc we really have no idea – a lot of time until a few minutes before we do it/book it.

Steven mentioned that we were going to make some changes to our itinerary so here they are:

When we first got to Argentina we started looking at how we would get to Bolivia since we knew it would be difficult and not easy to navigate a third world country.  As we looked into it more, it didn’t seem to make sense for us to spend most of our time in Argentina traveling to and from Bolivia – we wanted to actually see Argentina.

Now, please meet Leti:

Leti is absolutely crazy – and we love her to death!!  We also love that she introduced us to clerico and told us all kinds of things to do while in Buenos Aires – but we will get to that in another post.  She is one of my sister-in-law’s best friends from college and has lived in BA for the past decade.  Anyway, she had suggested a different itinerary for us – to go to Uruguay and enjoy the beach and then to head to Mendoza to see some vineyards and drink.

Salar de Uyuni from Jen and Mike's big adventure

Ultimately we decided on beach and wine over Bolivia.   So we will not be visiting on this trip but are already scheming on when we can go in the next two years depending on Steven’s schedule with school.  Let us know if you want to come see the salt flats with us, we are looking for travel buddies!

The other change you may have guessed – Egypt.  Obviously there has been a lot going on in that country and we are still praying for a true democracy to emerge one day.  At this time we don’t think it is the best place to visit, and as one of our DC friends said, “the pyramids will still be there when you are 60” …so we just might be going then.

We are hoping to get our flight changed from Cairo to Istanbul, Turkey but are currently wrestling with American Airlines to let us do so for free.  Our flight is two weeks after the deadline that allows you to change your itinerary without penalty.  At this point it looks like we may have to pony up and fork over the cash but I still think it would be worth it.  If anybody has any contacts at the airline, we (and particularly our moms) would much appreciate it.

As for now, we have a new map up on the site (look in the top right corner).  Unfortunately we no longer have Microsoft Outlook, so we probably won’t be able to update the actual calendar. 

Jen & Steven

Here is a little David Bowie for your work day.

UPDATE!!  Mike “FM” Traner came through and got our flights changed for free!  Got to love the platinum status.  Istanbul here we come…

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  1. carol permalink
    March 17, 2011 21:34

    Yea Istanbul!!!!! You will love it.

  2. Jen O'Hair permalink
    March 21, 2011 17:29

    Yeah, Leti!! I told you she was a wild one. Best person to know in BA though. BTW, going to have to charge you a licensing fee for use of our salt falts photo… i kid, i kid… 🙂

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