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Flights to Peru

February 27, 2011

Our flights to Peru were somewhat eventful…not exactly what you want out of a flight!

We originally booked a flight departing Bogota at 11:45 pm getting into Lima around 3 am.  We then bought a flight from Lima to Cusco at 5:40 am so we wouldn’t have to leave the airport.  At some point, they decided to change our flight to Lima to 1:15 am arriving at 4:15 am.  We were a little worried about getting through immigration, customs, and then re-checking our bags with the short time but figured we could make it work.

The flight to Peru was fine until we started our descent into Lima’s airport.  We could see the city from above and were making the initial descent when all of the sudden the pilot gunned it and we started to climb.  They made an announcement in Spanish but we had no idea what was going on.  About 20 minutes later they announced in Spanish that we were going to land in Pisco, Peru.  What???  We didn’t even know where that was.  Once we landed, they asked us to stay in our seats and that was about it.  We sat on the runway for more than 2 hours and then the pilot told us we would be flying back to Lima.  We still have no idea why we were diverted to Pisco!  We made it back to Lima around 7:30 am and clearly we missed our connection to Cusco. 

Once we got through customs and got our bags, we went over to the airline counter and were told that we would have to buy all new flights since we missed ours!  But luckily someone else helped us and only made us pay a small fee to change our flight.

Other than our new flight to Cusco being delayed an hour and a half, everything seemed fine.  Then as we were on our descent into Cusco, the pilot pulled the plane up just as had happened on our Lima flight and gunned it.  However, this time the pilot came on and said visibility was too low to land so we would be going in from a different direction.  Luckily that worked!

All in all, it made for a very long and adventurous night.  Good thing for naps!


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